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Why Choose Bir Billing Best?

Reason to Choose Bir Billing Best Finding the best one is always people’s choice. Bir Billing Best is a platform where you can search and compare packages without scrolling different websites. You can compare the prices of all the service providers in Bir billing. So you can choose best for yourself. Why Choose Us? Here you can search and compare services at one place and able to get details about like paragliding, camping, hotels near you, laundry service near you, etc. You can contact that person easily on this platform because we are working 24*7 to make our viewers happy. Search and Compare You can search and compare the services of different tour operating agencies available in the Bir region. You can compare services on a category basis also. Write Reviews Here you can write your own reviews or read reviews. You can even contact them. You can also give reviews to a particular tour operating agency. User Friendly Our website is user-friendly anyone can use it. It is very simple

Paragliding Courses in Bir Billing

Bir Billing Best - Paragliding Courses in Bir Billing Do you want to learn Paragliding? Before this, you should know everything about paragliding courses in Bir Billing. Where you can learn paragliding in Bir Billing ? What kind of courses is available in Bir Billing? In this post, we will cover all of your queries. What is Paragliding? The purest form of flight is paragliding. In this activity, we use a paraglider for paragliding. During this activity, the pilot sits in a harness that is suspended by a large, arched fabric wing. Pilots have to launch gliders by running on the edge of the slope. Where you can learn Paragliding in India? In India, there are some places where you can learn paragliding. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh  Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh  Manali, Himachal Pradesh  Kamshet, Maharastra  Munar, Kerala  Also Read -  Health and Medical Resources in Bir Billing Why Bir Billing is Best for Learning Paragliding? It is one of the best places for paragliding in Asia. Bir B

How to Reach Rajgundha Valley?

Rajgundha Valley Trek – How to Reach Rajgundha? Rajgundha Valley (Gundha Valley) is located in the Tehsil, Multhan District, Kangra Himachal Pradesh. Rajgundha valley trek is very famous among tourists and guests. This is a place full of natural resources and natural beauty. People who have visited this place will fall in love with the elegant beauty and scenic view of this place.  The place is full of peace and you can listen to natural sounds like birds, animals, and children playing. The place is full of pollution-free. Rajgundha trek is not your destination there are lots of places behind the Rajgundha Valley for exploring or you can explore them. Rajgundha Valley Most people are called it Rajgundha Valley. Let me clarify its actual name is Gundha Valley, not Rajgundha. Because there are two villages situated in this valley, the first one is Rajgundha everyone knows about that place and the second one is Kukkar Gundha. Local called it Gundha Valley or Gundha. If you go to this vall

Health and Medical Resources in Bir Billing - Bir Billing Best

Nearby Health and Medical Resources in Bir Billing As you know we are in an adventurous place so any bad step may lead to mishappening. That’s why you should be aware of nearby places that can provide you with medical facilities at right time in Bir Billing Bir. In this blog, we are going to inform you about some nearby health and medical resources in Bir Billing that can save the life of someone. Primary Health Center (PHC) Near Billing It is the nearest health center to billing. It is located on Bir Billing road. This is the only place where the Rapid test(screening test for covid) is conducted. All the primary medical facilities are provided here. Address: PHC (Primary Health Centre) Near Billing Road Bir, Himachal Pradesh 176077 Contact: +91 1894-268558 Working Hours: 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs. Distance: From Billing take off site:35min (15km) From Bir landing site: 12min (4km) Tibetian Primary Health Centre (PHC) Near The Landing Site It is the nearest primary health center to the la

Sightseeing Places in Bir Billing - Bir Billing Best

Top Sightseeing Places in Bir Billing People often visit different places not only for adventure but many of them also came to explore a particular region. If you are thinking to visit Bir and confused about where to spend their time apart from paragliding ? And which place is worth visiting in Bir Billing ? lots of questions arose in travelers’ minds when they plan a trip to an unknown place. Are you also looking for some of the best places to visit in Bir Billing? Don’t worry we are here to help you. That’s why we have created a list of some sightseeing places in Bir billing. Deer Park Institute It is a center for the study of classical Indian wisdom traditions. And this institute Came into existence in March 2006, This is a campus of a former Buddhist monastic institute. The Deer Park Institute organizes sessions related to meditation, philosophy, yoga, healing arts, culture, and Buddhism. It has a pagoda-style architecture that reflects the real Tibetian culture. If you are on a l

Dehnasar Lake Trek - Bir Billing Best

Dehnasar lake trek is one of the best places to trek in Himachal Pradesh. To trek on this place, your fitness levels need to be high. If you really like offbeat destinations and want to explore the distant village of Barot valley . then this trek is waiting for you. It is located between the Lug valley of Kullu and Chota Bhangal(Multhan) of Distt. Kangra (HP). Mainly it is located in the Kullu district. It is the highest natural freshwater lake in Himachal. Dehnasar Lake Trek – A Trek Through Almighty Mountain Peaks and Vestal Woods of Barot Valley Like other lakes in Himachal, it also holds religious importance. As per the ancient recognition Goddess, Parvati came to this lake to take bath in the month of Bhadrapada. If you visit Dehnsar at that time then you can find lots of pilgrims there, on the 20th of Bhadrapada month(during the last week of August or the first week of September). So many pilgrimages take bath in this lake during this month to fulfill their wishes. It is a fresh

Top Places to Eat in Bir Billing - Bir Billing Best

Bir Billing Restaurants - Top Places to Eat in Bir Billing Let me tell you something interesting, Did you know Bir and Billing are two different places but everyone called it Bir Billing. Bir is a town situated in the north of Baijanth and west of the Joginder Nagar in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Whereas Billing is a valley which is 14km from Bir town. Billing is a take-off site of paragliding. Bir Billing is mostly famous for paragliding and is also known as Asia's no. 1 Paragliding site. Paragliding is the main attraction of tourists here but there are lots of adventure activities you can enjoy here. Some of the activities like trekking, camping, bungee jumping, zip line, etc. In this blog, we will show you the top places to eat in Bir Billing. Where to Find Best to Eat in Bir Billing So When we are thinking about travel to Bir Billing. A question keeps swirling in our minds, where we can find the top places to eat in Bir Billing. Because everyone knows food is most importan